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August 6, 2011

Home again?

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We made it home Wednesday PM. We were both emotionally and physically exhausted. We slept like babies. The next morning we finished unpacking and did our laundry and caught up around the house. A salesman stopped by and tried selling me magazine subscriptions. I thought yeah right, $25 for a year subscription to magazine I […]

August 4, 2011

Church with Pastor Samuel

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  Samuel invited us to his church. We asked if we could assist him in any way. He asked me to teach Sunday school from the pulpit and Theresa to teach the women of the church finances. We were honored to participate. I decided to teach about the Sermon on the Mount and cover the […]

Felicia’s Village

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While in Ho, Felicia and Samuel took us on a journey to Felicia’s home town Amedzofe. This is a settlement perched on the high peaks of the Akuapem-Togo range of the Volta region, 36 km North-West of Ho, the capital of the Volta Region. Amedzofe is the highest point of human habitation in Ghana at a […]

Arriving in Ho.

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    We are here!! Exhausted and spent from emotions and the bumpy travel, we finally find our hotel. Our taxi driver isn’t from here and the name of the hotel has changed so we drove up and down the street passing our hotel and not knowing that is where we were staying. Finally we […]

This is what it’s all about……

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      Tofic   The final day we were in Krachi was filled with travel preparations and goodbyes. After our final farewell ceremony with the linguistic team, we walked back to our guesthouse later in the evening.  My friend Tofic had been waiting for a couple of hours for my arrival.  He recently lost […]

Saying Goodbye!

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Until we meet again Today has been a very emotional and stress filled day for me. I have lived in Krachi for a month and have met some wonderful people and now I have to say goodbye. I don’t know if I will be back so with that knowledge comes sadness, but I also know […]

The Boats are Launched!

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The Pontoon in action Boat Launches Hallelujah the day has come to launch the boats and train the linguists. The weather has been very cooperative, no rain, even though it is the rainy season.  God is good. We started with the 3 porta-boats. We had some resistance from the military that was guarding the waterways, […]

We have a good internet connection now!

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This is the link to the sermon I did in Ghana.    

July 25, 2011

MaGyver in Action!

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Joe is very busy now working on the boats and his various skills are coming in handy. With power absent half the time and the need for power tools, Joe has come up with various ways to operate them. For example he uses the battery power from solar panels he hooked up or using the […]

Cooking in Ghana, Africa

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This is an experience everyone can relate to, cooking. I chose to cook the afternoon meal to learn their ways and show them an American recipe. I tried to come up with items that they had ingredients accessible to them in their kitchen or could go to town to get. Substitution is necessary as they […]

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