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August 4, 2011

The Boats are Launched!

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Cruising LakeVolta

The Pontoon in action

Boat Launches

Hallelujah the day has come to launch the boats and train the linguists. The weather has been very cooperative, no rain, even though it is the rainy season.  God is good. We started with the 3 porta-boats. We had some resistance from the military that was guarding the waterways, they weren’t going to allow us to launch the boats, but we persevered and then they wouldn’t allow us to photograph anything, but we managed to get a few photos. We had some trouble getting the motors running, but Joe figured out what happened and fixed them. It was very exciting seeing the first boat launched, seeing the fruits of our labor. Next the Pro Skiff was prepared and launched, Pete did the training as to how to maneuver the boat and be safe. Last, but not least we launched the pontoon boat. This was a bit more difficult as Mark’s truck was too small to tow the boat to the water, so we had to get a tractor to help. Our prayer request is that they will continue to be able to use the pontoon boat. This hinges on the ability to get it to the water. We pray that the guy that owns the tractor will continue to help and that Mark will be able to get a vehicle that can tow the boat.

 I decided I wanted to get out on the lake. As the time came, I wasn’t so sure, because I didn’t want to get in the water and get guinea worms. So as I hesitated, one of the Ghanaian guys with his actions said he would give me a piggy back ride. Well I didn’t know how that would go as I was twice his size, but I jumped on and he carried me to the boat. I am so glad I did. I even drove the boat around the lake, which isn’t easy as the fishermen have their nets set up and you have to be careful to drive between them and not get caught in them. Getting the boats on the lake made us feel like our mission was accomplished. Now the word of God will be furthered by aiding the linguists in 5 different language projects to have transportation to hard to reach islands. May God continue to bless this work that so many people are diligently doing.  Amen!!


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