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August 4, 2011

Church with Pastor Samuel

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Financial Training

Samuel invited us to his church. We asked if we could assist him in any way. He asked me to teach Sunday school from the pulpit and Theresa to teach the women of the church finances. We were honored to participate. I decided to teach about the Sermon on the Mount and cover the beatitudes. This seemed appropriate as we climbed the mountain with Samuel the day before. As I taught, I paused after every sentence, so the interpreter could repeat my words in the local tongue. This takes a little getting used to. They seemed to really enjoy the lesson and Samuel probed the congregation with additional questions after I was done. Actually, all I had to do was mention Ken Kaiser and everyone would be happy ever after! Then the dancing began. Wow, these people can worship and they sure have some  great dance moves. Samuel then performed a passionate sermon and after church, Theresa did the financial freedom thing with the women of the church. Finally we packed up and went back to the hotel.  It was a great day.

I(Theresa) have to add that this was the greatest part of being in Ho was getting to know the women. I shared with them for about an hour about making a plan for their money. They had many questions. At the end I gave each woman a gift and taught them the concept of paying forward, giving something to someone just to do it and not expect anything in return. So each one of them was to give the gift I gave to them to someone else. The person that received the candy immediately opened it and shared with everyone there. I think they liked it. May God Bless the women giving the gifts and the ones that will receive them.


– Theresa


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